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Mastering Mindfulness: Two Part Series Workshop by Heather Foat  & Gina Worful

Gain control over cravings and food. Overcome self-sabotaging cycles. Take hold of emotions and stress. Master your mind to achieve goals.

Program Includes:
  • 2 interactive group sessions to work intimately with registered dietitian, Gina B and Yoga Teacher, Heather Foat
  • Mastering Mindfulness book
  • Customized Mastering Mindfulness Plan
  • On-going support and accountability in the private Mastering Mindfulness group
Cost: $89 per person / $79 couple rate per person
For questions and more information: info@Gina-B.com

Part I & II

Sundays June 4th & June 11th


Location: Hapa Yoga Mission Valley

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Explore & Flow through Yamas & Niyamas by Marcia Nott

Explore the 8 limbs of yoga and how we encounter them both on and off the mat. Experience greater awareness of your personal journey through self-discovery, exploration, and community support. This 3 hour workshop includes lecture, discussion, partner work, asana, Sanskrit Invocation, and Mudra Introduction (1.5 hour lecture, 1.5 hour yoga practice).

Sunday June 25th


Location: Hapa Yoga Eastlake

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Past Workshops

Arm Balancing & Inversions

Date TBA

Back Bending

Date TBA


Date tba


Date tba


Date tba


Date tba


date tba

Transformational Breath Healing

Transformational Breath Healing with Certified Transformational Breath® Senior Trainer Christian Minson and Co-Trainer Mina Cz. 30 minute yoga warm-up included! Clear the Subconscious, Eliminate Restrictive Breathing Patterns, Connect More Fully with one’s Higher Self.
  • Relieve Stress … Heal relationships.
  • Heal yourself – Physically, Mentally, Emotionally.
  • Live fully. Be Joyful.
  • Make your own personal connection with Spirit.
Date TBA

Yoga For Better Sleep

date tba

Sound Healing

Join Toni Narins for a guided workshop on the power of sound healing. Using gongs, Tibetan bowl and voice, we create a sacred space in which to quiet our minds, breathe into the moment, and allow ourselves to settle into a natural alignment of body, mind, and spirit. Sound healing benefits include reduced anxiety and stress.

Date: TBA

Chakra Workshop


Yoga For Athletes (Joga)

date tba

Barre + Yin + Reiki

date tba

Foam Rolling & Myofascial Release

date tba


date tba

Couples Prenatal Yoga & Birthing

date tba

Self-Defense For Women & Teens 13+

“Girls on Guard” by Play it Safe San Diego

Realistic, practical, scenario based training! Taught in a 3-1/2 hour format,this full contact class is for women and teens, 6th grade to adult. The PlayItSafe basic self-defense material is taught along with full-contact responses against instructors wearing special protective suits. “GIRLS ON GUARD” also focuses on the most common sexual assault scenarios. Students are specifically taught to avoid a man’s strengths while employing their own unique strengths against a man’s weakest targets. In addition, college safety will be discussed in all “Girls On Guard” classes when applicable to that specific audience.


Yoga Nidra

date: tba

(ALL SALES FINAL. In respect and in order to hold workshops, Hapa Yoga will not offer refunds to any client, for any reason, for not attending a workshop that has been pre-paid for.)

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