About Hapa Yoga

Hapa Yoga is a versatile yoga and fitness studio as well as a resource for general wellness and community support.  Hapa Yoga is here to support you through fertility, prenatal, postnatal and parenthood needs. Connect with your mind, body, spirit, and family as you experience the classes, workshops, teacher trainings, and more! We offer childcare services at both of our studio locations so you can attend to your yoga and fitness needs with the peace of mind knowing your little one is just next door.

What makes us unique?
We offer on-site CHILDCARE so parents can enjoy yoga and fitness classes!



Meet The Owner

Hapa Yoga was founded by Tina Knight in 2012 in San Diego, California.  Like many San Diegans, Tina had a very physical and active lifestyle and participated in many activities such as yoga, barre, Pilates, running, group classes, and triathlons.   After the birth of her first son Nicholas in 2011, Tina realized how difficult it was to adjust to motherhood and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Tina suffered from Post-Partum Anxiety and felt that it was a crucial time to find support thru her yoga practice.  Tina, like many other moms, had a difficult time finding child care services on demand so that she could turn to her mat.  It was at this time Tina realized there was a need for a studio to support families and offer a variety of classes that would provide parents with time for self-care, meditation, support, and weight loss by offering on-site child care.  In September 2012, shortly after her son turned one year of age, Hapa Yoga’s flagship location opened in Mission Valley.

Two years later Tina found herself struggling to keep up with a full time job and the studio, so she made the decision to leave her full time corporate career in Financial Systems.  Tina had the privilege of experiencing life’s journeys, whether it be ups or downs, through the first few years of opening.  In 2014, Tina’s second son Dylan was born.

“Getting to practice at Hapa Yoga while pregnant was such an amazing experience.  To be amongst all of our other wonderful expecting mothers the second time around was a dream come true.  I also enjoyed being a role model to expecting moms, showing that you can honor your body and safely continue a yoga and fitness routine while pregnant.  I also took my time taking the baby weight off and truly practiced and embraced yogic philosophy of non-judgement.” – Tina Knight

In December of 2015, Tina welcomed the fourth child into her life, Hapa Yoga Eastlake.  Soon after, Tina’s marriage ended and new challenges were faced transitioning into single mom-hood with a 2 and 5 year old, and 2 growing studios.  The Hapa Ohana (family) including staff and clients, became a support system  for Tina as they helped her thru 2016.

“I couldn’t be more blessed.  Looking back I felt as if I had been preparing myself for this event.  I built Hapa Yoga as a surrogate family that I could jump right into when things started to fail at home.  I was being protected by Source and it was Source that led me on this path to become a healer, and to bring healing to this community.  Through all of the sacrifice and struggle, Hapa Yoga is the best thing to come into my life along with my 2 beautiful boys.  I am so lucky to be part of Hapa Yoga and be surrounded by so much love and support.  Hapa is Home.” – Tina Knight