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Are you ever in yoga class and get a little overwhelmed by all of the cues you hear from your teacher?  Bend here, straighten there, tighten this, relax this!!!  There are a lot of poses in yoga and a lot of things to remember so let’s take some time and come together and break down the alignment of some of the most popular yoga poses while discussing how to prevent injuries while on your mat.

Jennifer is Doctor of Physical Therapy with over 15 years experience in the health and wellness field.
In this two hour workshop she will break down the anatomy of our bodies and yoga poses in a way that makes sense to anyone from a new yogi to someone with knowledge of the body.  You will learn how to get the most benefit from basic poses (which are the foundation for all levels of yoga practice). Explore the basic poses of Vinyasa, appropriate modifications, and how to use props to support your practice. Discover how to practice yoga safely and skillfully, address any areas where you currently experience pain, and feel more comfortable in your body. This workshop will give you the tools to align optimally and take your yoga practice to the next level, whatever that is for you.
Price: $25 monthly autopay members / $30 non-members
Day Of: $35