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Journey of the Lotus – the 8 Petal Journey from Seed to Blossom! An Awareness Workshop on breaking the Stigma of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs).

Diana Bamford’s passion to empower other women and break the stigma around Maternal Mental Health has guided her to create “Journey of the Lotus” an 8 petal program designed to support women suffering from PMADS.

The two hour Awareness Workshop is for expecting moms, moms with newborns, moms with questions, all moms, their partners, husbands, family, friends and anyone in their support system!

Intention: This workshop is designed to normalize, educate and break the stigma around Maternal Mental Health break down.

What’s Involved:

One Hour Introduction:
– What is PMADS?
– The difference between Baby Blues and PMADS?
– We will touch on the symptoms of Perinatal Depression, Perinatal Anxiety, Perinatal PTSD, Perinatal Bipolar Disorder and Perinatal Psychosis.
– Risk factors, Biological, Psychological and Social.
– We will go through each petal of the program (listed below) This will be our sharing part with Q&A inviting students to engage. Of course all questions are welcome along the workshop, creating more of a personal experience building a community.
– Sealing with Resources and tools. YOGA! a Great tool for PMAD’s!

Followed by one hour Gentle Yoga (Prenatal Friendly) Practice with Reiki Energy Healing

What is Journey of the Lotus?

– A space where Mother’s suffering from Perinatal Mood or Anxiety Disorders can come and feel safe, supported, move, connect, ground. Unite with baby and flow as one.

– Using powerful tools such as Peer Support, Breath-Mindfulness, Mommy-Baby Yoga and Reiki, the path of recovery is much stronger. The Benefits are endless.

– Up to 20 percent of all pregnant women and new moms will develop a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder (PMADS) that requires treatment. These include postpartum depression or anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and (rarely) postpartum psychosis.

– Journey of the Lotus is for the mom in treatment, the mom who doesn’t know if she needs treatment, the mom who is looking for an alternative treatment and support, and for any mom who wants to be part of a mindful recovery. This 8 petal (part) program takes Mom on the journey of recovery, each class is designed to explore the important matters of the path, while building a blooming community!

– Under the 8 petal program the “Awareness Workshop” bloomed!

Journey of the Lotus 8 Petal Program:

Petal 1. The News! (You are Pregnant!)
Petal 2. Pregnancy. Talking about the 9 month transformation.
Petal 3. Delivery. Sharing the Birth Experience
Petal 4. Home Arrival. Baby is home and may be attached to me 24/7
Petal 5. Mental State. Motherhood the most Amazing time of my life !/?
Petal 6. The Diagnosis. Now what? I am not my Diagnosis!
Petal 7. The Journey. We are NOT ALONE!
Petal 8. I’m starting to feel like myself again!

Journey of the Lotus was created for the mom on the journey by a mom who’s traveled the path! TOGETHER WE BLOOM !

Price: $20 Monthly Members / $25 Non-Members

Workshop Terms: 24-hour cancellation notice required. In respect and in order to hold workshops, Hapa Yoga & Fitness will not offer refunds to any client, for any reason, for not attending or providing a 24 hour cancellation notice for a workshop in which they pre-paid for. Thank you.