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A Guided sound healing meditation to connect with the elements of nature through sounds and the activation of the 5 senses with the intention to find the a deep state of relaxation as we shift the brain waves form BETA (normal consciousness) to ALPHA state (relaxed consciousness) and THETA (deeply relaxed) where the healing can happen on a mental, physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual level.
Using specific vibrations we will reset our energetic field and unlock our chakras to find a free energy flow and raise our frequency to a higher level. On the mental aspect, we will find the opportunity to clear the fog of the daily routine to find clarity and mental awareness.
Some of the benefits of sound healing include:
-reducing stress
-improve anxiety disorders
-strengthens the body’s immune system
-removes toxins and blockages
-purify and harmonize emotions
-promotes self regeneration and improves sleep
-stimulates endocrine glands and regulate hormonal functioning