Hapa Yoga is a resource for general wellness, nutrition, prenatal & postnatal support, fertility and parenthood. We offer scheduled classes, workshops and special events to help promote wellness in San Diego. We have partnerships throughout the community to help you find the answers or assistance you need.


Reiki is a form of energy healing using Life Force Energy.  Reiki can help clear and move energy throughout the body, stimulate recovery both physically and mentally.

Body and energy work along with yoga can help transform the mind and body.  Hapa Yoga is pleased to support local practitioners in the various health and wellness areas.  Please note resources listed are not employees or affiliates of Hapa Yoga.  They are all independent contractors. Interested in Becoming a Vendor? Click Here!


There are many benefits to meditation. Meditation can help improve focus, combat depression & anxiety and to achieve a more balanced lifestyle. Hapa Yoga offers meditation workshops periodically. Email info@hapayoga.com for more information.

Hapa Yoga is also a community partner with the UCSD Center for Mindfulness. You can learn more about their offerings at UCSD Health and Wellness Center.


Prenatal Wellness

Hapa Yoga offers Prenatal Yoga and fitness classes that are safe during pregnancy.  We recommend starting after 13 weeks and checking with your doctor throughout your pregnancy. Your safety is our number one priority.

Benefits of practicing yoga and continuing with a fitness routine during pregnancy:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Increase strength, endurance and flexibility.
  • Improve sleep, posture and balance.
  • Decrease lower back pain and common pregnancy discomforts.
  • Calm the nervous system and increase blood circulation.
  • Strengthen hips, back, arms and shoulders.
  • Practice breathwork; prepare for labor and delivery.
  • Center yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • Maintain healthy prenatal weight for mom and baby.
  • Connect and bond with your baby.
  • Feel supported from our pre- and postnatal community of mothers.

Prenatal Classes Offered

Prenatal Yoga – Embraces motherhood and helps you bond with your baby in the womb.  We will gently guide you through breathing exercises and asanas (postures) to improve strength and flexibility, and bring relief to the discomforts of pregnancy. This class provides a community of support during and after this special time.

Gentle Flow – All levels class considered safe during pregnancy. Slower paced Hatha yoga with introduction to breath to movement (Vinyasa). Prenatal modifications provided.

For our full schedule of classes CLICK HERE.

Postnatal Wellness

Hapa Yoga is 100% dedicated to the support of our new parents and mothers. Motherhood is a beautiful experience and also comes with challenges. For some, it may be a difficult transition.

When Studio Owner, Tina Ardolino, had her first born in July 2011, she experienced postpartum depression and anxiety. Yoga was the one thing she desperately needed. Due to the overwhelming experience, state of mind and lack of resources, she had a difficult time finding childcare services on demand so that she could turn to her mat. Tina realized the need for a studio that supported families by providing parents time for self-care, meditation, support and weight loss with a variety of classes and on-site childcare.

How Hapa Yoga Can Help:

Child Care – Offering childcare at the studio is the easiest way Hapa Yoga can help mothers, We provide a sanctuary to practice yoga, get in shape, meditate, relax, take time for yourselves, or to take a shower! Having your newborn steps away with our amazing childcare staff allows you the time you truly need for recovery. Take as much time as you need during class to check on your baby or breastfeed.

Classes – a great way to bond with your baby, embrace motherhood and your new body. Mommy & Me Yoga and Baby @ the Barre are interactive yoga and fitness classes you and your little one can enjoy together. Added benefits include gently and safely getting your body back into shape by closing the hips, stabilizing the pelvis, flattening the belly and strengthening the core. Classes incorporate strength, flexibility, bonding and relaxation poses. From around week 24 postpartum and on, we add cardio and toning. Car seats, diaper bags and breastfeeding welcome. Changing table available.

  • Mommy & Me Yoga* – Gentle yoga class dedicated to share your practice and joy of motherhood with your baby, and help with postnatal recovery by regaining muscle strength.
  • Baby @ the Barre* – Our babywearing Barre fitness class is a fun way to work out with you baby and other moms! A gentle version of Happy Hour @ the Barre, focusing on legs, arms and core. Please bring a baby wearing device.
    *Must be minimum 6 weeks postpartum for vaginal or 8 weeks cesarean birth. Newborns up to
    pre-crawling (around 6 months in age) welcome.

Support – Hapa Yoga is dedicated to go beyond yoga in order to provide the resources needed to those who may be suffering with baby blues, postpartum depression or anxiety.

One out of every eight women will experience postpartum depression. It is an overwhelming experience but finding treatment and support is easy. Taking the steps to do so may seem difficult but you don’t need tofeel ashamed or embarrassed. You are an amazing mother and a beautiful woman and we’re here to hold your hand and help guide you to happiness. If you have general questions, contact Tina by email. If you feel you may be experiencing postpartum depression, contact your OBGYN and the Postpartum Health Alliance http://www.postpartumhealthalliance.org/ or call the support line 619-254-0023

Signs of postpartum depression can appear after birth up until 1 year postpartum:

  • Thoughts of hurting yourself or baby
  • Loss of appetite
  • Insomnia & fatigue
  • Intense irritability and anger or severe mood swings
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Lack of joy, feeling of shame, guilt or inadequacy
  • Difficulty bonding with baby



How can you get your employees to have more energy, less stress, better focus, create a work/life balance, and work better together? Increase the health and morale of your employees by offering convenient yoga, fitness and meditation plan as part of your corporate wellness program!

Hapa Yoga has two locations in San Diego:  

Hapa Yoga Mission Valley – 4242 Camino Del Rio N. #10, 92108

Hapa Yoga Eastlake/Chula Vista  -2334 Proctor Valley Rd. #101, 91914

Hapa Yoga offers a wide variety of daily classes.  We can also provide private group or on-location options.  Visit our beautiful studios for:

  • Yoga (all Levels, Beginners)
  • Hot Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Mat Pilates
  • TRX Bootcamp, Cardio Sculpt, & Barre Fitness
  • Deep stretching
  • Full locker rooms.  (Mission Valley has showers)
  • Free Parking
  • Onsite, affordable childcare

We offer a special Pricing Program for corporate clients!

  1. Monthly Membership (Auto Billing) $79/month
  2. 10 Class Pack $120 ($12 per class, no expiration)

Any business entity with 5 or more employees participating can take advantage of our Corporate Discounted Pricing, email info@hapayoga.com to apply.  Also consider subsidizing all or any part as part of your Employee Benefits. Prices subject to change.

If you want to offer on-site yoga classes at your place of business, please contact us for group travel rates at info@hapayoga.com.